3 Beach Stone Wind Chime

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3 Beach Stone Wind Chime

Magnificent. This is the perfect word for this amazing wind chime. The chime is 54" tall and will be the centerpiece of your patio.

It has 3 Pacific beach stones with hammered copper spirals in between each stone. There are 5 copper chimes with the longest chime being 17 inches and the shortest being 13 inches. The chimes are treated with a reactive finish that will not peel or flake.

It's sturdy and will be great outdoors. You'll especially love it in the rain as the beach stones will glisten and glow when wet.

  • Completely made by hand — Canadian artist
  • No string or fishing wire — all copper wire
  • Western red cedar treated with a superior tung nut oil finish
$184.99 (In stock)