Everyone LOVES Cardigans!

Everyone LOVES Cardigans!

It's true. Everyone loves cardigans. And why not? They are easy to wear, they can dress up or dress down an outfit, they are warm and cozy and comfortable.

Even though us older folks think the cardigan stared with Mr. Rogers, it looks as if “cardigan” showed up around the 1850s. The name is taken from James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan. He led the charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava (presumably wearing said cardigan). After the battle, he returned to London and captured the imagination of the British public. He was the toast of the town, and even his waistcoat became famous — yes, it was here that the cardigan was born. Now, never mind that the battle he led wasn’t all that successful and about a sixth of his men died, he looked great during it all!


She invented her version of the women’s cardigan because she hated messing up her hair when she pulled on a tight-necked men’s pullover. Her first version was made from jersey (of course) and was not for war or fighting or anything rugged. No, no no. It was for everyday fashion!

So, lucky all of us, that we have cardigans of every sort nowadays. But these long cardigans are my personal favorite. They are comfortable to wear. Not like a coat. Coats tend to be a lot bulkier and actually, just more work to wear. Cardigans, on the other hand, seem to meld into your outfit. It’s like you’re wearing a fashion hug.

We just got these two long, warm, and fun-to-wear cardigans in. We have oatmeal and blue-black. They each have the distressed thing happening on the sleeves and along the front panel.




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